Magtouch Bumper issue (rare and exclusive)

We don’t do this often but there is so much news to give you this week.

In preparation for the Trade show we have made a few more pamphlets. We have listed them here. Tell us what you think.

There was also a few question after our last email about the upgrades.
On the PC software we have added an extra column in the reports for time between points (this has been in the online version for many years.
On the Online software, we have made many small changes to help with the usability. Right now we are concentrating on modifying points so that User points work better with all reports and we can add performance and payroll reporting very soon.

We have also made an update on our youtube channel.
If you take a look at Google play you will also see we are testing a new application for Supervisors. With it you can have any personnel who are meant to be monitoring guards get immediate events and a built in OB book. This is in the beta testing stage and we will have some videos featuring it soon.

We hope to see you in two weeks time at Securex.

Don’t forget to register for a ticket to Securex 22 – 24 May 2018  securex website here

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