Desktop Starter Kit

Desktop Starter Kit


Are your guards doing what you pay them to do? The Magtouch systems helps you control and monitor your security, safety and maintenance routines. Effective patrolling ensures maximum protection of your assets, by maintaining full coverage of your site with a visual security guard profile. Disputes with regard to patrol shortcomings are easily identified and resolved.

Maintenance Monitoring

By mounting ID points to any object, you can obtain immediate reports of what has been checked, on which day and at what time. Furthermore, such reports are useful for the purpose of asset and inventory recording and management. Updating of asset registers becomes a quick and effortless task.

Time and attendance System

Magtouch provides you with an inexpensive portable Time and Attendance system and is ideal for use in remote areas such as construction sites etc. ID points on your personal ID cards or badges will record start and finish times at work.

Extra Purchases and Easy Upgrade

Magtouch makes it easy for you to purchase individual equipment. You can purchase extra ID points and batons as you need them.  The Magtouch Desk Top Starter Kit is great to get you started. At any stage, you can upgrade to the On Line system by purchasing the Mag Express. This will allow you to check on your guards from your PC, anywhere at anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. The Magtouch baton and ID point can be used with all our systems.

Reporting System

The Magtouch software allows for different reporting functionality – “Reports by Download” and the “Standard Report”. Both these types of reports are available in a Text file and PDF file format.
If you would like to view examples of these report and understand how they work please click through to our Sample Report page

Our Special

We also allow bulk sales for our large quantity customers. As about our discounts for quantities of 10 units or more.


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